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EMPIRE LAW FIRM is a preeminent law firm which provides a large range of legal services for national as well as international clients.


The firm is established in several major cities in Belgium - Brussels, Ghent and Vilvoorde.  


EMPIRE LAW FIRM is the privileged legal partner for multinationals, medium and big companies as well as for institutions and government. 


EMPIRE LAW FIRM disposes of an international network of law firms which permits her to offer optimized international legal services.


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Law areas and specialisations

The legal services proposed by EMPIRE LAW FIRM include a wide range of specialized areas in business.


The firm aims to offer the services towards its clients in a professional manner and to assist them in an efficient manner in negotiations, meditation or litigation.


EMPIRE LAW FIRM is also able to outsource its lawyers on a permanent or temporary basis to its clients in order to follow up internal legal files or to assist in a specific task (outsourcing).

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