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General information

  • Legal Counsel

  • °1942, Aarschot

  • Member of the Bar, since 2001

  • Founding partner of the law firm EMPIRE LAW FIRM


  • Law Degree at the Free University of Brussels (VUB)

Special degrees

  • MBA at the EU School Brussels - Montreux

  • Management Sciences at the High Institute of Brussels

  • Holder certificate 'formation spéciale en procédure de cassation en matière pénale', 2016

Previous experiences

  • Director-General of Belgian Ministry of Finance, VAT Department

  • Senior Executive Advisor Tax & Legal Department Ernst & Young

  • Representative of Belgium at the VAT-EU Commission and in the workgroup on the White Book

  • Advisor in the VAT commission in the Belgian parliament Ph. Maystadt

  • Lector at the Ecole Supérieure de Fiscalité

  • Lector at the law school of the Free University of Brussels (VUB)

  • Lector at the Limburgs Universitair Centrum (LUC)

  • Lector at the University of Maastricht

Special missions

  • United States Congress Joint Committee on Taxation, Washington

  • EU Pratical Implications of intracommunity VAT formalities at Rome, Paris, Den Haag, London

  • VAT problems in the global economy in Poland, Hungry and former Czechoslovakia, OECD, Paris

  • President of the EU delegation in Lebanon, VAT Implementation and introduction, mission of the EC, IMF and the World Bank

  • Affiliation of Romania to the EC, Bucharest

  • Conformity of VAT

Publications and conferences

  • The new tax law (R.W., 1981-1982, 1793-1816)

  • The penal procedure in tax law (Economisch en Sociaal Tijdschrift, nr.5/1982)

  • The IRS as civil party (Alg. Fiscaal Tijdschrift, nr. 3/82)

  • The IRS and the bank secret (Alg. Fiscaal Tijdschrift, nr. 10/82 & Rev. Gén. De Fisc, nr. 3/83)

  • The penal law and tax law (Kluwer, 1983)

  • The collaboration between the IRS and the DA – the right of defence (Alg. Fiscaal Tijdschrift, nr. 10/85)

  • The penal responsibility of the tax consultant (BTW-Revue, nr. 56)

  • Continuation in tax law ( 51/85)

  • The penal law and circumstantial evidence (Fiscoloog, nr. 58/82)

  • The new increases in tax law (Fiscoloog, Nr. 60/82)

  • The penal law and tax law (CED Samsom, 1983)

  • The penal law and tax law in collaboration with L. Huybrechts – new edition (CED Samsom, 1987)

  • The Tax Compendium CED Samsom, V° Fiscaal strafrecht, V° BTW

  • Import-export V° Indirect taxes (Kluwer, 1989)

  • Proof of evidence in tax law (BTW-Revue, nr. 91/90)

  • The notary public and VAT (AFT Notarisblad, 1990)

  • The indirect taxes 1992 (TFR, nr. 97/90)

  • The VAT in a uniformed EU market 1992 (AFT, nr. 10/90)

  • Usufruct and VAT (Liber Amicorum E. Krings, p. 1007, Story-Scientia, 1991)

  • The VAT since 1.1.1993 – Commentaires (BTW-Revue, nr. 99/92)

  • Usufruct and VAT (BTW-Revue, nr. 101/92)

  • The new legislation on VAT; between hope and doubt (Liber Amicorum W. Maeckelbergh, Kluwer, 1993)

  • VAT and civil law: the perfect marriage? (Liber Amicorum P. De Vroede, p. 971, Kluwer, 1994)

  • Company law in practice (Standaard Uitg., 1995)

  • Tax guide for businessmen (Standaard Uitg., 1996)

  • The place of service and VAT – Comments on the Aro-Lease judgement (Praktijkboek Indirecte Belastingen, Kluwer, 1998)

  • The tax reform: an urgent necessity

  • The economic reality of the tax legislation – verbo in Trends Top 5000, Roularta, 1998

  • Monthly Tax Chronical (Uitgeverij IPS NV)

  • Real estate and VAT (Praktijkboek Indirecte Belastingen, Kluwer, 1999)

  • Almanach VAT (200p)

  • Almanach of the tax payer (320p), 2002


  • Tax Law (VAT, income tax...)

  • Inheritance Law


Dutch, French, English, German

Willie Dierick

Legal Counsel ​

M  +32 476 49 08 16

T   +32 2 640 30 10

F   +32 2 640 62 88

Franklin D. Rooseveltlaan 89 B7 
BE - 1050 Brussels

  • LinkedIn - Willie Dierick
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