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Principally, our honorary fees are as from 135€ per billable hour, exclusive VAT.
The fees are agreed upon in advance by mutual agreement, in function of the complexity of the case, the experience, the importance, the urgency and, if the case, on the result.

Moreover, the following administrative and office costs are invoiced (excl. VAT), unless otherwise agreed upon.


Except for in case of an explicit deviating agreement and/or announcement, the tariffs amount to (incl. 21% VAT):
♦ Opening/closing file


♦ Dactylography/started page
♦ Displacement/km

♦ Telecom/mail/fax

♦ Bank transfer

♦ Copy

♦ Judicial costs, costs for bailiff, costs of expert research, costs of translations, to be added at cost-price

General Conditions

Our invoices are payable cash and without discount at the office or on the indicated bank account. Failing to pay within 30 days from the date appearing on the invoice, interest of 8 percent for late payment is due from the invoice date as well as a complementary indemnity of 10% of the amount of the invoice, without prior notice. The charges for payment or/and currency exchange are born by the client. Any claim regarding an invoice must be addressed to EMPIRE LAW FIRM within 8 days from the date of the invoice. Failing to do so, the invoice is deemed to be irrevocably accepted.

The office carries absolutely no liability for procedure costs, bailiff' costs or other costs which were made for the clients. The law firm is in no case responsible for payment of these. The client pays these invoices on first request. When bailiff' invoices or other invoices are established on the name of the law firm or any associate, they have to be considered as mandatory of their clients.

The law firm keeps the right to adapt her general terms unilaterally.

The laws of Belgium are solely applicable.

Alle disputes whatsoever are by law settled exclusively by the Courts of the district where  the office who has invoiced, is established.


Info law on services

Exercise of the profession

One is acting in name of and under the tutelage of EMPIRE LAW FIRM if this is explicitly mentioned and the correspondence and procedural documents are signed by at least 2 partners and if it is explicitly mentioned that this is on behalf of the law firm.

Except for the abovementioned, the partners of the law firm each exercise the profession separately in their own name and for their own account.

Mrs. Victor Vandebeek, Willie Dierick, Werner Niemegeers, John Toury and Laura Mols each exercise the profession separately via a private company (BV).


An asssociation has been established with the law firm Toury (John Toury and Laura Mols).

The office can also be contacted as follows for any complaints:

EMPIRE LAW FIRM advocatenassociatie 
KBO number 0544.648.070

Email ♦

Website ♦


BV Victor Vandebeek                                     

Mter Jurgen Ghoos                                                    


BV Willie Dierick

Mter Jonathan Taelman

BV Werner Niemegeers Advocaat 

BV Toury Advocaten (John Toury & Laura Mols)



Mter Johan GUNS



Mter Sarah Van Praet


Comm. V. Bert Schoofs Advocaat




Professional insurance

The exercise of the profession is insured through the collective insurance ‘civil legal professional insurance’ concluded by the 'Orde van Vlaamse Balies' with AMLIN EUROPE NV via Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, with contract number LXX034899 for the amount of €1.250.000 per insurance claim.

Professional rules

As a lawyer registered at the Dutch Brussels Bar, every partner is subject to the regulations of the 'Orde van Vlaamse Balies' en of the National Bar Association, which can be consulted at and the regulations of the Dutch Brussels Bar at or Ghent. 

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