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EMPIRE LAW FIRM provides an answer to the increasing demand from enterprises for in-house counselling.

The outsourcing of lawyers is a common practice wherein EMPIRE LAW FIRM has experience.

The reasons can be varied:

♦ Legal assistance and expertise in a specific major project (merger, acquisition, restructuring, negotiations with key partners, etc.),

♦ No need for an internal legal counsel, but part-time in-house legal support,

♦ Temporary replacement of an internal legal counsel (illness, etc.),

♦ Interim management (in the context of a succession, dispute between shareholders, etc.).

By outsourcing our lawyers, on an independent status, in a flexible way, without any social security charges, EMPIRE LAW FIRM provides an appropriate and cost-effective alternative for legal support. 

After a discussion and analysis of needs, we than formulate an offer. We work with negotiable fixed day or hour rates.

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