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EMPIRE LAW FIRM is a preeminent law firm which provides a large range of legal services for national as well as international clients. The firm is established in several major cities in Belgium (Brussels, Ghent and Vilvoorde).  


EMPIRE LAW FIRM is the privileged legal partner for multinationals, medium and big companies as well as for institutions and government. 

EMPIRE LAW FIRM disposes of an international network of law firms which permits her to offer optimized international legal services.

Each partner is specialised in a particular aspect of business law and offers, on a professional manner and multilingual, legal assistance and advice on all legal business aspects in the scope of negotiation, mediation or litigation.



Our goal is to achieve simplicity in law and to work on an efficient and appropriate manner. We would like to emphasize the basic rules of our law who goes back to the law of the roman empire. Furthermore, this name has a high degree of memory as has been established by several inquiries.

Commercial approach & creative solutions

We go beyond the actual legal assistance and commit ourselves fully to the real needs of our clients. We make a point of getting to know our clients’ business and activities, in order to understand the full extent of their needs and wishes, and to be able to help them to achieve their business goals. Therefore, we undertake close long-term relationships with our clients, which can only intensify the mutual confidence.

As a result of this commercial approach and strong commitment, even in highly complex matters, we provide practical and creative solutions, tailored to the client’s needs, giving accurate, to-the-point information and advice, but avoiding superfluous judicial terminology.


Personalized contact & strong commitment

As often as it can add to the quality of our legal services, especially in complex matters and whenever preferable or advantageous to the file, we work in team in order to share important know how and experience. Nevertheless, the client will always remain in direct contact with the lawyer whom he entrusted his or her case with.

The firm has close links with a number of renowned and specialized law firms from other jurisdictions and other countries all over the world, mainly in Europe. Whenever preferable or needed, we work together with those duly selected foreign law firms, as well as with other service providers, such as (tax) consultants, accountants, auditors, governmental institutions, etc., in consultation with the client and aimed at the latter’s specific wishes and needs.


Highly competitive and customized fees

Our independent and excellently IT-supported law firm enables us not only to provide a complete range of legal services, perfectly fit to our clients' needs, but also to work and communicate very efficiently and to respect deadlines in accordance with the client’s timing, and within extreme competitive fees.

Feel free to contact us for any legal issue. We are your business legal partner.

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